Bringing Individuals Together to Collaborate Effectively and Efficiently.

We provide an innovative and flexible platform that enables members of your community or organization to interact and engage more easily and seamlessly.

It's EnterAkt:
the effective way to collaborate with multiple people and teams anytime, anywhere.

The EnterAkt platform simplifies collaboration for you and your team/group and other functional areas.
This team-based platform enables communication via conversation streams, private messaging (passed through email or SMS/text), and video within a single environment. No need to download other applications.

Bring everyone together in conversation streams.

With dedicated conversation streams, you and your team know where to go to facilitate dialog, ideate around initiatives, provide updates, ask and answer questions, share documents, and stay informed.

Optimize the 3Cs Communication, Coordination, and Collaboration.​

Share Files

Keep files and the messages about them together in conversation

Connect in a Virtual Meeting

Meet eye-to-eye and
screen-to-screen whether at home, at work, or on the go.

Organize Teams by Interests

Segment groups for more tailored conversations without creating silos & losing connections across teams.


“Have you ever needed to get a quick sense of the thoughts of a group but found it difficult to connect with them? Well, EnterAkt solves that problem by facilitating “pulse polling”. When initiating a conversation stream you can now embed a one question poll to get the pulse of your crowd on a given topic. Better yet, you can even control how long the poll stays open before participants can see the results”.


"EnterAkt is a no-brainer for teams and organizations of any size that won't to streamline the way they communicate, collaborate, and coordinate."

Keep it simple with a


News Feeds from Popular Press

Personalize your newsfeeds
based on your interests.

Intelligent Global Search

Easily and quickly find specific
content and users.

Linked conversations

Intuitive comment sequencing for improved readability.

Content Generation

Create posts with various
forms of multimedia.

Content curation

Promote pertinent comments and demote irrelevant content to minimize clutter.

Do what you need to do easier and better with EnterAkt.

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Regardless if your collaborative needs are for work, a reunion, social group, or even family engagements, EnterAkt helps your team stay connected.